Simply Extreme

Thinking differently is important on this server when you can not simply punch wood and have a whole tree worth of logs handed to you. This is an extremely difficult survival experience. You are stranded and have nothing except clothes; left to fend for yourself against the vast majority of hostile mobs. Exploration is key, and survival is necessary.


"Bottom line is, this ain't your dad's Minecraft, and you're going to die...a lot. Just be prepared for that. This tends to happen whenever I make mods for any game for some reason...it usually ends up being unfairly difficult."

- Shivaxi

Tekxit 3


While you are thinking differently... Think critically and technically; think Tekkit. This division of Tekxit offers diverse technical gameplay elements and enables players to create machines to automate normal gameplay techniques.


Hexxit is a modpack that offers players more than typical combat. This division of Tekxit allows players to go beyond the base. Experience more magic, more adventure, and more challenges.


Tekkit Legends



Tekkit Legends is proudly brought to you by SkyCubes.
Visit them here, or jump online and say hello in-game!


Tekkit Legends is the premiere experience for those wanting to add more machinery and technical aspects to the game, and there is no better place to play it with friends than SkyCubes. With 2 clicks, you can protect your base; with a single command, you can visit someone else.

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